Amy and her dog Miko

On May 8, 2012, in Uncategorized, by John Enger
In April of 2012 we hired Amy Bensel and her 7 year old female border collie, Miko, to help us reduce the amount of damage that the geese are doing on the golf course. Amy and Miko are here Monday through Friday about 2-3 hours each day starting around 6 am.  Sometimes they return in the afternoon. Our goal is to keep Amy on staff year round, on a part time basis.  As a result of Amy’s work, we have seen a noticeable reduction in the amount of cleanup and repair work that needs to be completed.  While completing her rounds, Amy is also completing some minor tasks for us.    Please feel free say hello if you see her out and about.  Amy is fully aware of any and all baby geese and understands what she is allowed to do and not do.  She is an animal lover and knows that the adult geese are our sole focus and no other wildlife are to be menaced.   Jesse Cruz CGCI Superintendent  
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