The Claremont Model Railroad Club

The Club was started in 2005 by Claremont residents who remembered the fun they had as children with their trains and how they enjoyed passing the experience on to their children and grand children.

Former resident Hal Charney came up with the idea and the Golf Club was able to provide the space in the barn. Check out the pictures of the early layout and compare it to how it is today.

The Club is open to all Claremont residents. Don't say "I don't have the skills", there are plenty of tasks and we are all willing to help you learn.

We also appreciate those that have emptied out their closets and given us their old trains and accessories. Thank you!!!!

The donations we receive at our train open houses are used entirely for buying construction materials, model kits,railroad items such as track, switches, controllers etc.. We also show our appreciation for our mural artist with a contribution.


train club

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