Claremont Women’s Golf Club (CWGC)

Welcome Members and Interested Golfers!

2023 Member Registration

Join CWGC! The 2023 CWGC Season kicks off Tuesday, April 18, and you don’t want to miss a single day of play.  Deadline for inclusion in the 2023 Handbook is March 1. Complete the 2023 CWGC Registration form. Return it, with membership dues of $80, to the white mailbox in the New Room. Registrations must be received by March 1, 2023. You may register after that date, however you will miss out being listed in the handbook.

New Members please call Julie Luttrell at 503-830-6142 or email with any questions and to schedule your New Member orientation. Please click here for CWGC Bylaws. Click here for the Handicap Policy.

2023 CWGC Calendar of Events

TuesdayMarch 28New Member Orientation
TuesdayApril 18Opening Day REGISTRATION FORM
TuesdayApril 21Rules & Handicap Seminar 11 AM-1 PM
TuesdayJune 20Link/Claremont Exchange
ThursdayJuly 13Member/Guest Tournament
TuesdayJuly 25Quail Valley Club at Claremont
ThursdayAugust 10Midsummer Tournament
TuesdayAugust 22Good Times Good Friends Tournament
FridayAugust 25Good Times Good Friends Tournament
TuesdayAugust 29Good Times Good Friends Tournament
WednesdaySeptember 20 or 21Away Play
TuesdayOctober 10Closing Day

2023 CWGC Board Officers


Vice President



Past President

Carol Thomason

Sherry Dempsey

Mary Klein

Meg Scanlan

Susan Shepard

2023 Committee Chairs

Day’s Play





Education, Handicap, & Club Tournament

Jan Habegger & Susan Clark

Ellen Rickis

Julie Luttrell

Fran Seemann

Cari Amey & Jan Setting

Laura Leiman & Carol Barnett

Front Row Left to Right:  Jan Setting, Susan Shepard, Sherry Dempsey, Ellen Rickis Back Row Left to right:  Mary Klein, Susan Clark, Fran Seemann, Jan Habegger, Carol Barnett, Laura Leiman, Julie Luttrell, Cari Amey, Carol Thomason Not Pictured: Meg Scanlan
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