The Claremont GET READY initiative (Also called Emergency Preparedness) is NOT designed to alarm residents. Rather, we are a team of committed volunteer residents who aim to inform, prepare, organize, and practice emergency procedures with the intent of helping our community survive a major disaster. With over 80 volunteers, we ask ALL of our neighbors to help make a difference by partnering, pitching in, and preparing.

Are You Prepared?

History tells us that a major earthquake hits our area every 300 hundred years.  We are within that window, and scientists tell us we have a 30-40% chance of experiencing one in the next 50 years. 

We encourage All residents to watch this short, special KGW video -
“Are you ready for the big earthquake?”

Recent Emergency Preparedness Activities

Claremont Salutes the Emergency Volunteer Network
In December 2022, over 80 Claremont volunteer residents and their spouses gathered for a celebration of their hard work in 2022. Each region’s zone leaders were recognized, along with the amazing Medical and EOC teams. Refreshments were enjoyed while emergency supply headlamps were won via a drawing!
Thank you, Claremont volunteers, – we could not do it without YOU!

2022 - Preparing Our Community, YOUR Emergency Network:

  • Distributed Resident, Zone Leader, and Regional Coordinator Emergency Kits
  • Updated Emergency reporting procedures and integrated immediate medical emergency reporting
  • Conducted two All Emergency Network Training/Coordination Sessions
  • Conducted three Communication exercises to include the October 2023 Great Shake-participation included:
    • Over 500 Residents
    • All 32 Zones and Six Regions
    • All Medical Teams
  • Conducted a Claremont Resident Emergency Preparedness Event
  • Conducted three vaccination clinics
  • Sponsored First Aid/CPR Training
  • Incorporated the Starlink satellite phone/internet system into the EOC
  • Expanded procedures for the efficient use of Email communication
  • Enjoyed celebrating and thanking Volunteers during our December Holiday and Volunteer Event 

Past Activities

Claremont Emergency Preparedness Helped Claremont Residents Stay Healthy

With the start of the 2020 global COVID emergency, Claremont began a partnership with Safeway to deliver COVID vaccines and boosters. That partnership resulted in five vaccine clinics in 2021 and 2022 which served Claremont community residents. Over a thousand vaccines were delivered in those clinics – including influenza vaccines! We will continue to monitor the COVID emergency status, and we plan to deliver a vaccine clinic in the fall for influenza protection!

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