May 2021 ---- Three new initiatives are brewing! First Aid/CPR classes, a recommended Grab N' Go Bag packing list, and Earthquake Early Warning. Sign up for the classes (thanks Donald/Yvonne). The other two initiatives are in the works but too important not to get the word out.

Grab 'N Go Bag - The Committee recommends that each resident assemble a Grab 'N Go Bag in the event of an emergency that required you to immediately evacuate. The attached Grab 'N Go Bag recommendation (listing of key items) is being finalized. Thanks, Frank!

Ok, what's next! ............... The Committee is exploring Earthquake Early Warning Systems. As you may have recently read, the QuakeAlert application (easily installed on your cell phone) now offers early warning to residents in Oregon, California, and most recently Washington. Attached is a draft article that provides background and key how-to-use information. We hope to have a final document shortly. But, it's too important not to get the word out. Download the application and give it a try - the simulation and real-time earthquake tracking are impressive. Thanks, Norb!

The Claremont GET READY initiative (Some would say Emergency Preparedness) is NOT designed to alarm or upset anyone. Rather, we are a team of committed, volunteer-residents, that aim to inform, prepare, organize, and from time to time drill with the sole intent of helping our community survive a major disaster.  Over 80 volunteer strong, we ask ALL of our neighbors to help make a difference by partnering, pitching in, and preparing.

Informational Activities - Annual Community "GET READY" Event (October):

Caring Activities -- CPR and First Aid Training

Organizational / Operational Activities - This Year's Oregon Great Shake Exercise - we test resident awareness, communications, and reporting

Communication Exercises - Beaverton's and Washington County's Emergency Centers

We are always recruiting Zone Leaders, Regional Coordinators, Medical Team Members and Emergency Center Operators.   

How to volunteer ? Reach out to any of your Committee Members:

  • George Heyworth Co-Chair 503 516 8313
  • Donna Weekley Co-Chair 541 678 5434
  • Bob Stahl Region A Coordinator 503 887 3071
  • Fred Barden. Region B Coordinator 503 629 9605
  • Frank Carroll. Region C Coordinator 503 629 9562
  • Jan Monaco Region D Coordinator 503 703 8701
  • Jack Malloy. Region E Coordinator 503 977 2164
  • Bob Hall Region F Coordinator 703 201 4122
  • Valerie Bergmann. CCA Board Rep. 503 430 1442
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