What are YOU preparing for? Our beautiful community is located in one of the "best-known earthquake zones." Please take the time to review these telling editorials:

The Claremont GET READY initiative (Some would say Emergency Preparedness) is NOT designed to alarm or upset anyone. Rather, we are a team of committed, volunteer-residents, that aim to inform, prepare, organize, and from time to time drill with the sole intent of helping our community survive a major disaster.  Over 80 volunteer strong, we ask ALL of our neighbors to help make a difference by partnering, pitching in, and preparing.

Informational Activities - Annual Community "GET READY" Event (October):

Caring Activities -- CPR and First Aid Training

Organizational / Operational Activities - This Year's Oregon Great Shake Exercise - we test resident awareness, communications, and reporting

Communication Exercises - Beaverton's and Washington County's Emergency Centers

How to volunteer? Reach out to any of your Committee Members: Under Construction - add photo of Committee

  • George Heyworth 503 516 8313
  • Donna Weekley
  • Fred Barden
  • Valerie Bergmann
  • Frank Carroll
  • Ken Hollenzer
  • Jack Malloy
  • Greg Rambo
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