The Claremont Board of Directors and the Emergency Preparedness Network has been reaching out to ALL residents as every day brings new developments related to the virus. Please take note of the latest updated information captured in YELLOW below.

Monthly Message - October 9 - Claremont has NO reported COVID-19 Cases.

Fundamentally there are four reasons to SELF-QUARANTINE: You or a family member have 1) been diagnosed as having the coronavirus; 2) coronavirus symptoms; 3) been exposed to someone with the coronavirus; or 4) pre-existing medical conditions that put you at a higher risk of recovery. Returning from extended travel doesn't warrant self-quarantine.

WHAT TO EXPECT IF YOU ARE CONTACTED BY A CONTACT TRACER: If you've been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, you may be contacted by a contact tracer or public health worker from your state or local health department in an effort to help slow the spread of the disease. Here's what to know if you get a call:

  • A contact tracer may call to let you know you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. All information you share with a contact tracer, like who you've been in contact with and your recent whereabouts, is confidential.
  • You may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. This means staying home, monitoring your health, and maintaining social distance from others at all times.
  • You may be asked to monitor your health and watch for symptoms of COVID-19Notify your doctor if you develop symptoms, and seek medical care if your symptoms worsen or become severe.
Many Local Grocery Stores offer
Senior "Hour" shopping.
Many Stores will NOT let you use your own bags; looks we'll be buying bags for a few weeks. Safety advice if you must visit the grocery store-WSJ
WincoTue, Thu
6-7 am
Market of ChoiceTue, Fri
8:30-9:30 am

Self-Quarantine Steps

  1. Stay Home!
  2. Display the Quarantine Banner.
    • Obtain a Claremont Quarantine Banner here or ask your Zone Leader or Regional Coordinator. Note, method of marking banner if you have a pre-existing medical condition.
    • to deliver one)
    • Add Banner Information, and
    • Display it in your front window or door.    
    • Obviously this is designed to warn visitors and let your neighbors know that you are getting help.  
  3. Your Quarantine should last 14 days.
  4. Notify the Claremont Emergency Preparedness Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of your Status.  The Operation Center will ensure your zone leader and zone buddy are aware of your situation and they will coordinate to provide additional support if needed.  Call one of the following EOC representative or Regional Coordinator (phone numbers below):
    • 503 516 8313
    • 541 639 1072
    • 503 997 0237
    • Provide the EOC representative or Regional Coordinator with your name, lot number, phone number, Zone Buddy’s name, quarantine END date
  5. Depend on your Zone Buddy  or Zone Leader for errands (groceries, mail, Rx)
  6. If you have symptoms, remain in contact with your medial advisor.  This is key should your symptoms elevate, and medical attention may be needed.    
George Heyworth
503 516 8313
Bob Stahl
503 887 3071
Region A
Zones 1-5, 21
Fred Barden
503 629 9605
Region B
Zones 6-10
Frank Carroll
503 629 9562
Region C
Zones 11-15
Greg Rambo
971 533 5541
Region D
Zones 16-20
Jack Malloy
503 799 2164
Regions E
Zones 22-27
Bob Hall
703 201 4122
Region F
Zones 28-32
Donna Weekley
541 639 1072

Our Coronavirus Get Ready Program supplements recommendations provided by the CDC and government health agencies.    While every effort has been made to ensure that it is as accurate as possible, there may be mistakes, either typographical or in content. Therefore, our Claremont Coronavirus Get Ready program should be  used as a general guide only, and not as an ultimate source.  If any of the information or procedures in this book conflict with statements made in the CDC or government health agencies,  the user should follow what is being provided by those organizations.  Procedures and information are subject to change without notice. The author, editors, and distributors shall not be held liable, nor be responsible to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this document and our website.

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