Medical Responders - rendering emergency medical assistance when state and local emergency services are NOT available.

Claremont’s Emergency Network is organized into three Emergency Medical Areas (Red, Blue, & Green) and currently has over 18 Medical Responder volunteers. Casualties will be treated; prioritized in terms of care and evacuation; and tagged with a Claremont First Aid Treatment & Evacuation Tag. Each will be continuously treated, monitored, and attended to based on medical priority and available resources. The EOC will report casualties to the Beaverton EOC and assist in evacuation as community resources become available.

Medical Responder Team Areas + Team Leads - (Blue - Larry Reedy), (Green - Mike Graham), & (Red - Jim Smith)

Here Are Your Medical Responder Team Leads - In Medical Emergencies you will want to seek out these Guys and their TEAMS

Click here to download Claremont’s First Aid Guide or obtain a copy from the Front Office. (authored by resident Doctors)

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