Welcome!!! Your Emergency Preparedness Network (over 80 strong) is committed to informing, preparing, and organizing our community to survive a major disaster.

Meet your Zone Leader - He/She helps residents prepare, organizes zone resources, and gathers/distributes key information. In the event of an emergency they direct resources, recovery, and medical resources. There are 64 primary/secondary Zone Leaders for Claremont's 32 zones. Your location (lot number) determine your Zone Number. Count on them to help with:

Click here to download a "Request for Resident Point of Contact Information"

  • Help your start your "Get Ready" Process
  • Meeting neighbors and participating in neighbor overwatch
  • Gathering key emergency information
  • Learning how to turn off utilities
  • "Getting Ready"

Do you have the New Resident Emergency Preparedness Packet containing the following?

#Resource (click here to download /
review / possibly save
1New Resident Packet Cover SheetThese Items are in YOUR Packet
2Welcome Letter & Request for Resident InformationZone Leader welcome
3Resident GuidelinesBasic Emergency Prep Guidelines
4Zone Leader DutiesYour Zone Leader's Commitment
5OK/HELP BannerResident Status - displayed in Emergency
6Resident Zone RosterZone Leader will Provide - You'll be
asked to add your point of contacts
7Regional Emergency Network MapRegional Map identifying additional Resources

Get involved!! Join volunteers sharing Community, Opportunity, and Experiences!!!

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