Welcome!!! Your Emergency Preparedness Network (over 80 Claremont Volunteers) is committed to informing, preparing, and organizing our community to survive a major disaster.

Meet your Zone Leader - He/She helps residents prepare, organizes zone resources, and gathers/distributes key information. In the event of an emergency, they direct resources, recovery, and medical resources. There are 64 primary/secondary Zone Leaders for Claremont's 32 zones. Your location (lot number) determines which Zone you are part of. Count on your Zone Leader to help you get acquainted with neighbors and to prepare for emergencies.

Click here to download a "Request for Resident Point of Contact Information"

The following NEW RESIDENT Packet Documents can be downloaded here!

Resource (click here to download /
review / possibly save
1New Resident's Packet Cover SheetListing of Items are in YOUR Packet
2Zone Leader New Residents Welcome Letter Zone Leader welcome - get to know, prepare, meet neighbors
3Resident GuidelinesBasic Emergency Prep Guidelines
4Zone Leader DutiesYour Zone Leader's Commitment
5OK/HELP BannerResident Status - displayed in Emergency
6Resident Grab N' Go BagAn inventory listing of essential items. They should be placed in a backpack and readily available should you need to immediately evacuate.
7Regional Emergency Network PLOT MapRegional Map identifying additional Resources
8Specific Zone RosterZone Leader will Provide your specific Zone Roster - You'll be
asked to add your point of contact INFORMATION. This is a great tool to get to know your immediate neighbors.
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