Charter - The Claremont Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) is an all-volunteer committee within the Claremont Civic Association and directly responsible to the Board of Directors. It was formed to train, inform, and assist Claremont Residents and staff in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

Claremont's Emergency Network has three teams:
• The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for communication & control
• Regional Coordinators (RC) & Zone Leaders (ZL) for community overwatch & organization
• Medical Responders (MR) – provide initial evaluation and treatment for medical emergencies. They will coordinate with your RC and ZLs.

When an emergency occurs, or a drill is scheduled, the Emergency Operation Center, with authorization from the Claremont Civic Association Board Executive Committee, will activate appropriate levels of the Network, potentially sending activation messages to RCs, ZLs, and MR Team Leads. The Network will direct resources and continually communicate updates to the EOC. The Claremont Emergency Network Map, below, provides an Organization Overview: The Emergency Operation Center(EOC); Six Regions (A -- F); 32 Regions (1 -- 32) , and three Medical Responder Areas (Red, Blue, & Green). Home plot numbers are key to this organizational structure.

Claremont's Emergency Network Plot Map

The Emergency Operation Center - under construction - brief description

EOC Roles & Responsibilities @@@@--this means documents to be shortly added

Regions & Zones - under construction-brief description

  • Regional Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities @@@@
  • Zone Leader Roles and Responsibilities @@@@@

Medical Responders - click here

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