Kitchen Project Finished

On July 15, 2012, in Uncategorized, by John Enger
So. . . the kitchen renovation is finished. Those of us who worked on it are very proud of the results and the very positive feedback we have been getting from Claremont residents. We are still putting a few finishing touches in place, such as floor mats in front of the sinks and drawer dividers for silverware. Our goal is to make the kitchen as user-friendly as possible. There are quick instruction sheets in plastic stands in various places in the kitchen to help with the use of the new appliances. “The Kitchen Book” is now in the drawer to the left of the main sink. It also has the instruction sheets plus all of the instruction manuals for the new appliances and also has a “map” of where to find everything in the cabinets and drawers.
While it may seem unnecessary to say so, we hope that all of our kitchen users also take pride in our new kitchen and do their part to maintain it. Renovations of this type are only done about every 20 years—so doing whatever we can to keep the kitchen looking new will allow our community to enjoy a fresh-looking, well-functioning kitchen for at least that long. Here are a few specifics:
Please do ALL cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing on a cutting board or special cutting sheet, not the counter! We already have a few knife marks on our brand new countertops!
Please use a trivet, hot pad, or even a folded towel under a hot pan or dish when it comes from the oven or cooktop. Our counters are not made of stone or tile, and may scorch under a very hot container.
Please read the instructions if you are not sure how to use one of the new appliances. Appliances were chosen for ease of use, so the instructions are not very complicated!
Please leave the kitchen at least as clean as when you entered it, and please put everything back where you found it or where it belongs so others can find it. Note the signs in the kitchen with a “map” of where things should be put away.
Please do not leave any personal cooking/baking/serving items in the kitchen. Items that are abandoned in the kitchen for more than 3 or 4 days will be donated to charity.
For the next few months there will be “kitchen comment” sheets in the kitchen. If you have any suggestions for equipment that is needed, or a better storage location for some items, please fill out a comment sheet and leave it in the front office or after-hours mail drop. Be sure to sign it so we can contact you for clarification if needed.
Thank you. Enjoy your new kitchen!   Kitchen Renovation Committee Craig Hindley Sharon Joyce Dianne Malloy Sarah O’Connell Julie Sackett  
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