On March 16, 2012, in Claremont, by John Enger
Yes, yes, we know. When we were soliciting resident input for the kitchen renovation, one of the top requests was for a garbage disposal at the main sink. And now it is the top question we are receiving about the renovation. It sounded like a reasonable request at the time—however—when we talked with caterers that use our kitchen, and with experts on kitchen design, they all advised against it. Why???                 Turns out that waste water from a garbage disposal is much more costly to process at water treatment plants. In order to cover this increased cost, water suppliers are tacking a surcharge on water bills for commercial customers such as Claremont. We learned of a church in Beaverton that wanted a disposal in their community kitchen, but the cost was to be over $700 per month added to their water bill. We know that one major hospital group in Portland is actually removing their disposals and changing to composting. They are selling their compost and reducing their water bill, lowering their total costs by a significant amount.                In addition, caterers told us that in kitchens with multiple users, disposals are frequently used improperly, and that costly repairs result. So the kitchen renovation committee decided against the much-desired disposal. Instead, we moved the trash cans to a location next to the sink and added a “waste chute” in the counter top. The waste chute will be located directly above the trash cans so plates can be scraped into the cans without having to roll the trash cans into the middle of the area.  Since our kitchen is not used on a daily basis we won’t be able to sell compost, but at least we won’t be raising our water bill.                The project remains on schedule. Plumbing and electrical were completed this week, including installation of the tankless water heater. One of our “Poker Chip” carts arrived, and most of our dishes have been loaded into it. Another cart will arrive next week. Look for the posters in the clubhouse lobby with more information on the project schedule, the appliances and the new layout. Soon there will be a new poster with the finishes—flooring, countertops, and paint.                  More next week!  Your kitchen renovation committee:  Julie Sackett, Dianne Malloy, Sharon Joyce, Sarah O’Connell, Craig Hindley  
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