How to be a Good Partner
  1. Remember that that this is only a card game. Have a good time and make sure that partner does too.
  2. Don’t give lessons (unless you are getting paid).
  3. Like your partner and root for them 100%. Remember that you are on the same side… and [partner] wants to win as much as you do. It is OK to be nice to a partner you happen to live with.
  4. When you chose to play bridge with someone, it is unfair to get upset when they don’t play any better than usual.
  5. Never say anything to your partner unless you would want them to say it to you. Never “result” (criticize partner for a normal action that that didn’t work this time.
  6. If you feel the urge to be nasty, sarcastic, or critical, excuse yourself and take a walk.
  7. When you have time between hands, try to discuss topics other than bridge. Never discuss a hand just played with your partner except to clear up a misunderstanding in bidding or defense.
  8. Think twice about verbally analyzing a hand just played. You might be wrong. Never assume that your partner made a mistake until the hand is over and you have time to think it through.
  9. When asking another player about a disaster, ask about your hand and not your partners. Don’t ever criticize or embarrass your partner in front of others. Never side with an opponent your partner.
  10. If you are too good for your partner, or don’t enjoy playing with them, chose someone else rather than being a martyr, but don’t dump your partner unless you’re sure.Marty Bergen Bridge Bulletin January 1984
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